Cosmic Champs is a real-time strategy game that combines elements of tower defence, multiplayer online battle arenas, and collectible card games. It has been designed and built with the following considerations:
  • The game must be fun for casual players and have depth to attract hardcore gamers and competitive players;
  • Cosmic Champs needs to be entertaining in its own right, even with the blockchain elements removed;
  • Anyone should be able to play, even if they do not have Cosmic Champs NFTs;
  • There should be a fair playing field. The Cosmic Champs NFTs provide advantages, but not so great that they can't still be beaten with earned skill;
  • “Play-to-Earn” should be a key feature, rather than the core game itself;
  • Cosmic Champs should utilise and expand on successful DeFi concepts like staking and earning.